Our Story



Under The Sunlight is a mindful stationary brand that creates beautifully crafted products that serve as a blueprint for living a purposeful life. We encourage people to enjoy the present moment, honor the parts of ourselves that make us special and invest in the nourishing practices of self care and curiosity.


Under The Sunlight was founded by Sinan Franklin out of a place of necessity. In the Spring of 2018, Sinan started her process of practicing joy, no matter the circumstance after receiving loving feedback from her  sister who reminded her that “just because this one thing didn’t work out it doesn’t mean your life is ruined.” Those words challenged Sinan to stop waiting on life to make her happy, and to begin the practice of embracing joy and possibility at every turn. 

And by the Winter of 2018, Sinan launched the Art of Being deck, which began as daily exercises in choosing joy over fear, being compassionate with ourselves and practicing curiosity. Since then the brand has evolved to multiple beautifully crafted products that serve as a blueprint for living a purposeful life.


So many of us are afraid to listen to ourselves. We fear of what we’ll learn, of what we’ll hear. We fear that there isn’t enough sunlight for everyone and instead believe we need to compete with one another in order to attain any kind of happiness or success.  

Why Self-Care

Self-care isn’t a game and there’s no rush to the finish line. Self-care is about curiosity. When we make the time to listen to our bodies and become curious about how we show up for ourselves and others, we open ourselves to a world of possibility. Self-care makes the space for us to move in the direction of well-being and unlimited joy.  

What Makes Us Special 

We are conscious about the energy that we put in the world and we want to make sure our products acknowledge reality. We create beautifully crafted and mindful card decks and paper products that encourage us to honor the powerful parts of ourselves. 

Under The Sunlight is all about elevating our consciousness to its highest well-being and embracing joy and possibility.