Tis the season to #GiftPurpose

Tis the season to #GiftPurpose

This year was weird. We were tested in many ways and confronted with having to accept the evolving complexities of our world. Who thought killer hornets would be the least of our worries?! 

For us, being grounded in gratitude and living with purpose has helped guide our paths through 2020. And for many of us, this year opened our eyes, hearts, and minds. The voices of our culture rose up to seek justice, peace, and equality for all (#JusticeforBreonna). We’ve seen miracles, cries of joy and flourishing spirits of hope. Black owned businesses have blossomed in a renaissance filled with support, unity, and love. We also saw how powerful technology is at keeping us connected to our families and friends.

…actually, 2020 was transformative.

We’re about choosing joy and leading a life full of purpose and intention. This helps us see the good within the bad. It’s important to continue replenishing the spirit and giving back to ourselves and others. Sometimes it's hard to see the world this way, but in order to thrive under the sunlight, we must create our own purpose, purposefully. Fulfillment in life comes with intention. That’s why we’ve created the mantra: #GiftPurpose. It’s a really special idea that anyone can adopt to live a more joyous and mindful life. You can #GiftPurpose to yourself, by remembering to celebrate those small wins, or to others by  telling them how much you care with a snail mail postcard.

I’m so thankful that I was able to see so much beauty and hope in our society. I’m thankful that more good humans became visible and empowered. I’m thankful that we collectively continued to share love with our communities. And I’m thankful for all of you.  

And now, as this infamous year ends, we encourage you to reflect on moments of joy and look forward to 2021 with intention guiding the way. 

Peace & Love,


Founder of Under the Sunlight